Fuel for open fires

Our fuel for open fires comes nearly 100% from Dutch forests. The types of timber processed for this product are oak, beech and ash. This timber comes from sustainable forests management. After felling, the trunks are pulled out and put on stocks.

After seasoning for several months at the edge of the forest, the trunks are transported to the various production locations. Here the timber is split and sawn and, depending on the customers wishes, packed in manageable packaging.

After the natural drying in the forest, the end product lays for a minimum of four weeks in storage before being transported to our customers.


Our sticks are made of easily inflammable wood.

The basic materials used for kindling are thinner trunks, the so called “top wood” that has been layed out to dry for several months in the forest. This top wood is cut into sticks by machine.

After this production process, sand and bark pieces are sorted out, after which the product is packaged and is stored for at least another four weeks, before being delivered to our customers.

Also, sticks are made out of remnants from the wood drying kilns. This clean wood is sawn and split into manageable sticks.


Paraffined fireblocks

Paraffined fireblocks are made of sawdust and paraffin.

Its quality differs from the products of our competitors, because of our use of pure clean sawdust and paraffin of very high quality.

Burning this good quality product gives a clean fire with a complete combustion.


Remaining products

Wood briquettes